Xi charts cooperation with African leaders

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Xi charts cooperation with African leaders

President receives heads of state, honors traditional friendships, highlights synergy of vision and underlines reinforced collaboration

周日,国家主席习近平在北京人民大会堂陪同南非总统西里尔·拉马福萨. FENG YONGBIN/CHINA DAILY

Plans expected for joint work between Beijing, Pretoria in upcoming decade


习了的话周日会见南非总统期间Cyril Ramaphosa在北京人民大会堂.

Xi和三人分别将椅子周二两轮谈判在2018年中非合作论坛北京峰会, which is being held on Monday and Tuesday.

Noting that China and South Africa are sincere friends who trust each other, 习近平表示,峰会预计将注入强劲发展势头中南、中非关系的发展.

峰会的目标是打造更加紧密的中非命运共同体, Xi said, 这对中国同非洲发展全面战略伙伴关系具有重要意义.


The significance of the China-South Africa relationship has surpassed bilateral significance, Xi said, adding that the relationship now has global and strategic significance.

Since the establishment of diplomatic ties 20 years ago, China and South Africa have always respected, trusted and benefited each other, Xi said.


The two countries should be dedicated to the development of China-Africa relations, 加强在多边框架下的协调,维护发展中国家利益, he said.

Xi recalled his state visit to South Africa in July, saying that he had deep exchanges with Ramaphosa.

Thanks to that visit, 两国元首不仅为新时期中南关系发展规划了蓝图, but also forged good relations both on official and personal levels, Xi said.

他说:“我对mg冰球突破在南非访问期间所讨论和取得的成果感到非常高兴,” Ramaphosa said, 还说他和习近平有很深的讨论各种各样的问题在官方层面和在一对一的基础上.

“During your recent visit to South Africa, we spoke about the need to strengthen high-level exchanges between China and South Africa, and also to deepen mutual trust and to increase exchanges,” he said.


mg冰球突破相信,此次国事访问和共同主持中非合作论坛将进一步推动两国关系发展, 也将进一步推动中国和非洲大陆其他国家的关系,” he said.

After the talks, the two leaders witnessed the signing of cooperation documents.

Nana Akufo-Addo (C), Ghanaian president. [Photo/VCG]

Ghana’s AIIB entry welcomed

中方欢迎加方积极参与“一带一路”建设,加入亚洲基础设施投资银行, President Xi Jinping said in a meeting with Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo on Saturday.

The AIIB now has 87 members.

Xi said China stands ready to seek synergy in development strategies with Ghana, 扩大两国各领域合作,加强人文交流.

阿库福-阿多正在北京进行国事访问,并将出席2018年中非合作论坛北京峰会, which is being held on Monday and Tuesday.

Noting the long tradition of friendship between the two countries, 建交以来,两国务实合作取得丰硕成果.

China has always seen Ghana as a reliable friend and a good partner, he said. 两国关系在中国与非洲大陆整体关系中发挥了重要引领作用, he said.

The two sides should build upon their traditional friendship, inject new momentum and further enrich bilateral relations, he said, 双方还应加强高层交往,进一步增进相互了解.

加强在国际和地区事务中的沟通和协调,更好地维护两国共同利益, as well as those of developing nations, Xi said.

Akufo-Addo said the Ghana-China friendship, forged by senior leaders from the two sides, is unbreakable. Ghana has also been faithfully upholding the one-China policy.

“The cooperation between our two countries has been excellent, and for the last three years, China is now in fact the largest trading partner of Ghana,” he said.

Ghana is willing to deepen bilateral relations with China, actively participate in the building of the Belt and Road, and inject new vitality into bilateral cooperation, he added.

As China marches on the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, it is also playing an important role in world peace and development, Akufo-Addo said, 中国是非洲稳定振兴的重要机遇.

Ghana will always be China’s trustworthy friend in Africa, he said.

Teamwork envisioned with Egypt

China and Egypt, both inheritors of ancient civilizations, should more closely align their development strategies and promote pragmatic cooperation, President Xi Jinping said on Saturday.

习是在会见埃及总统Abdel Fattah el-Sisi在2018年中非合作论坛北京峰会.

Witnessed by the two presidents, China and Egypt signed a number of cooperation documents after their talks.


Egypt is an Arab and African nation, 一个伊斯兰国家,一个在地区和全球事务中影响力不断增强的重要新兴经济体, Xi said.

Xi pledged to continue to support Egypt in its efforts to maintain stability, 埃及坚持走符合本国国情的发展道路,在国际舞台上发挥更大作用.

他呼吁双方在涉及各自核心利益的问题上继续相互支持, offer timely exchanges of views on bilateral relations and major issues of common concern, 分享治国理政经验,加强各层级、各领域交流.


中方愿将共建“一带一路”同埃及提出的“2030愿景”、苏伊士运河走廊建设项目对接, promote pragmatic cooperation, and enhance collaboration in counterterrorism and security, he said.

塞西表示,埃及和中国有着传统友谊,有着高度互信, and closely coordinate with each other on major international issues.


As one of the earliest countries to support the BRI, 埃及坚信,这将为双边合作以及国际和区域合作创造巨大的机会, he said.

Sisi added that Egypt will continue to support and participate in the BRI and, as the incoming holder of the African Union rotating presidency, it will also continue to promote cooperation between Africa and China.

埃方积极评价中方为解决中东问题所做的工作,愿同中方加强在多边领域的协调, the Egyptian leader said.

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