What is the land area required for a flour milling factory?

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What is the land area required for a flour milling factory?

Firstly, the required area of the flour mill factory shall meet the requirements of the production process, plan complete product design, and design the general plan view drawing according to the capacity, flour quality, raw grain storage, final product storage, and so on. It includes the following aspects:

It is generally divided into two areas: living area and production area.

It is better to separate the two areas with a green isolation belt.

1. The living area is the staff dormitory.

You need to negotiate with the professional unit to reasonably plan the construction area.

2. Production area.

It is the area of office buildings and workshops.

2.1 The production area is included the area of office buildings. The office building should have rooms of various functional departments. If the conditions permit, the flour mill factory should build a raw grain and flour inspection room separately.

2.1 Workshop area:

The workshop of the flour milling factory can be cement buildings or one-floor warehouses, but the big maize flour mill factory or wheat flour mill factory must be buildings. The workshop which is designed according to the process flow and sanitary requirement should have enough space to place the equipment orderly and avoid cross pollution.

2.2 The workshop is mainly divided into four parts, the cleaning part, milling part, packing part, and final product storage part. The area of four parts shall be planed according to the process to ensure that there is enough space between each piece of equipment and between the equipment and the wall for maintenance and person to pass through.

2.3 The area of raw grain and final product warehouse.

According to the production scale, you can build raw grain storage warehouses or silos. You should give full consideration to the further development, and the space of the raw grain storage must be enough. the storage of different materials, such as bulk flour, bagged flour, and bran should be considered in the final product warehouse. And the storage area shall be paned reasonably according to the production scale.

If the conditions permit, you can give full consideration to the area of the canteen, bathhouse, and toilet.

If you want more information about the milling factory, we can give you more professional advice.


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