How to Install the Maize Milling Machines And Wheat Flour Milling Machines

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How to Install the Maize Milling Machines And Wheat Flour Milling Machines

How to Install the Maize Milling Machines And Wheat Flour Milling Machines

A milling machine is for maize milling machines and wheat flour mill machines.

Installation is the very high technology inquired by the engineers.

Factory layout

As a professional manufacturer for maize mill and wheat flour mill complete plant.

Miaze milling machine plant drawing

Maize milling machine plant drawing.

Wheat flour milling machine plant drawing

Wheat flour milling machine plant drawing

We have full experience for maize milling machine installation and wheat flour milling machines installation more than 30 years.

Special in Africa, installation was done by the Chinese engineers.

Before the maize mill plant or wheat flour milling plant arrives in the factory, we should prepare something:

  1. Electricity power:

Your electricity power should be connected with the local government power lines.

And prepare the transformer as a milling machinery requirement.

installing transformer


2. Water:

It should ensure go to production warehouse. There is a pipe that will connect with the damper for supplying continuous water in the milling machine's working time.

3. Foundation:

Before doing the foundation, the ground will not be hardened. We will supply the technical foundation drawings to guide.

Doing the foundation

Doing the foundation

4. The machine arrived:

Before the containers arriving, please prepare the forklift for the unloading machine.

Ask all the guys to do the unloading carefully according to the packing list.

Unloading milling machines

Unloading milling machines

Finish the uploading, all the machines should be stock in the sealed room or warehouse.

The important is to keep all the machines safe, special for the small spare parts. No one can steal them.

5. Start to do the installation:

  • Before it, we will send all the technical drawings to the customers. And supply more local engineers and laborers to support the installation.

When the engineers arriving at the installation site, familiarize yourself with the site environment and confirm the specific installation scope with the customer.

  • Mark with a marker, check all the goods (including pipes, screws, clips, flanges, platform brackets, etc.) into categories, and compare with the list drawings to confirm clearly where they are used. Those that cannot be confirmed will be put into one category first. It is forbidden to start the installation before the completion of this work. If something is found to be incomplete, report it to the company as soon as possible. If it is not reported, the company defaults that the equipment is complete, and if it is found to be missing after installation, the engineer will find a solution, and the company will not be responsible.
  • Communicate with customers well, put all the small parts on the equipment and all the bits and pieces of tools and other things out, and put them in a safe place to prevent loss.
  • Overall planning. Mark the exact location of the foundation with white lime or nylon thread according to the drawings, and make the foundation uniformly. It is forbidden to finish one item and wait for the cement to dry before doing the next item, which will seriously lengthen the progress of the project.
  • Work arrangements are open. The responsibility of the engineer is to arrange and direct local workers to start their work reasonably. It is forbidden to immerse themselves in brutal work, regardless of local workers. The cleaning part and the powder road part should be started at the same time. First, the equipment host should be correctly positioned according to the drawings.
  • The pipelines should be installed according to the wind network drawings, and should not be changed at will without special circumstances.

Let us show some photos for the installation:

Installing flour milling machines

Installing flour milling machines

If need the crane, please prepare it in advance.

100t maize milling machines installing in Kenya

100t maize milling machines installing in Kenya

6. After the equipment is installed, run idling continuously for more than 20 hours. Check whether the motor is rotating correctly, whether the motor and circuit are hot, whether the equipment has abnormal noise, etc., and then put the material into a trial run after confirming that it is normal.

If you need more details, please contact Jane Liu who is the after-sales manager on

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