How to come to Hongdefa Factory to buy the maize milling plants

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How to come to Hongdefa Factory to buy the maize milling plants

From 15th Oct, the Canton Fair will be hold on Guangzhou, many clients choose to come to China visit the Canton Fair to find our their ideal products.
Canton Fair is really a very good way to fine the suppliers.
But as the develop of Internet, more and more clients, want to find the real factory for their products and go to their factory to check the real products and production by own eyes.
To the large scale machinery, like our maize milling machines, to show the machine in the trade fair, only can show the machine shapes, but can;t show how the machine run, And can't check the final flour quality, even you bring some sample, But you can't sure if it's this machine produce.
 Hongdefa maize milling plant

we are Hongdefa. As you decide to come to China, you must make the decision to start the maize milling machine project, so why not go to our Hongdefa factory to see the running maize milling plant by yourself and check the factory scale and check the final flour quality?

We sincerely invite all clients visit our factory to see the running maize milling plants.

Hongdefa factory for wheat flour mills and maize milling plants
So how to come to Hongdefa Factory to see the running machines from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou?
Beijing - Hongdefa factory, Shijiazhuang
Hongdefa local in Shijiazhuang city,near the capacity City Beijing.
By high speed train will take around 1 hour, and everyday have more than 30 trains from Beijing to Shijiazhuang. Every hour you can find several trains to Shijiazhuang from the morning time to night.
High speed trains from Beijing to Shijiazhuang
As our city much near to Beijing, all clients coming we will arrange to Beijing airport to pick client up and together with clients take the high speed train to our city.
Shanghai to Hongdefa Factory, Shijiazhuang
You have two choice, by air or by train depend on needing.
 high speed train from Shanghai to Shijiazhuang, it will take around 7 hours. High speed train is much comfortable than old days trains.
Trains from Shanghai to Shijiazhuang
or you can talk the air flight to Hongdefa see the running maize milling plant. It need around 2 to three hours.

Flights from Shanghai to Shijiazhuang city

from Guangzhou to Hongdefa, Shijiazhuang.

Many clients choose to arrive Guangzhou. From Guangzhou to Shijiazhuang, by train or by air, depend on your needing.
By high speed train will take around 8 hours.
Trains from Guangzhou to Shijiazhuang
From Guangzhou to our Shijiazhuang city, is around 2000 Kilometers. By air is around 3 hours, it will be come much convenient for the business trip.
Air flights from Guangzhou to Shijiazhuang
We will go to Shijiazhuang airport or train station to pick you up , take you to our Hongdefa factory!
If you need us do the invitation letter for you to apply the Chinese visa, tell us freely.
And we will help you to order the hotel in our city.
In our factory, we have the 120T/24H maize milling machines installed in our warehouse,
It adopts:
European standard design with PLC touch screen control system
European standard Pneumatic roller mills and plansifters
Stainless steel pipes in flour system, 3 lifetimes than iron or galvanized steel pipes
Auto-weighting and packing system
Maize milling machine running in our factory
PLC touch screen control system
Automatic packing system
Also we have the small maize milling machine 10T/24H and 5T/24H maize milling plant running in our factory!
10t maize mill plant in Hongdefa
 Welcome the clients from all over the world visit our Hongdefa factory and see the running maize milling plants
Contact with Jane to help you arrange the visiting:
Whatsapp: +86 132 2344 2174
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