How is precooked corn flaking mill machine from Hongdefa China

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How is precooked corn flaking mill machine from Hongdefa China

Arepas a type of food made of ground maize dough, originating from the northern region of South America in pre-Columbian times and is notable in the cuisines of Colombia and Venezuela. It is eaten daily in those countries and can be served with accompaniments such as cheese, cuajada (fermented milk), various meats, chicken, avocado, and diablito. It can also be split to make sandwiches. Sizes, maize types, and added ingredients vary its preparation. Arepas can also be found in the Canary Islands. It is similar in shape to the Mexican gordita and the Salvadoran pupusa.


Arepas made of precooked corn flour

It is like one food called "Rougamo" in China, which is also famous as called Chinese hamburger. But the Rougamo is made of wheat flour, not precooked corn flour. Have you tried Rougamo in China? Very delicious!

               Rougamo,also called Chinese hamburger

Right now our factory has designed the precooked corn flour milling machine for making the precooked corn flour for arepas.

This is one of the main machine in the precooked corn flour milling machine, called flaking mill, this flaking mill adopts fully enclosed structure, square bearing seat and protective cover made of SS304 stainless steel plate, with heat dissipation net on both sides, shell and front and rear (upper and lower) door panels made of imported stainless steel plate, 45# carbon steel plate welded base, and imported stainless steel plate for contacting materials. It is easy to disassemble, clean up and has simple structure.

The front hydraulic cylinder is equipped with manual dial to adjust the gap between the press rollers. The roller is made of China's one imported German concurrent casting equipment. The material is made of high nickel chromium molybdenum alloy, equipped with energy saving marking motor, SKF bearing, SEW reducer, delta inverter, imported technology CPT belt tightening belt pulley. The control system is controlled by PLC and equipped with independent control cabinet.

Flaking mill

Flaking mill for precooked corn flour

The products before flaking

The flakes after flaking

If you wish to know more knowledge that how to produce the precooked corn flour, please contact with us freely. We will show you how is the techniques and how is the flow sheet of the corn flour milling machine. Our contact details as below:

Email: jane@hdfmill.Com Whatsapp: +86 139 3305 7265.

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