First flour milling plant in Brazil of South Africa from Hongdefa Machinery

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First flour milling plant in Brazil of South Africa from Hongdefa Machinery

The Federative Republic of Brazil, referred to as Brazil, is the largest country in South America and enjoys the reputation of the “kingdom of football”.
Brazilian flag
kingdom of football
Brazil’s culture has multiple ethnic characteristics. As a national melting pot, there are immigrants from Europe, Africa and Asia. Football is the mainstream sport of Brazilian cultural life.
Brazil is located in eastern South America. To the east of the South Atlantic, the north, west and south are bordered by any country in South America (except Chile and Ecuador). It borders French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela and Colombia in the north, Peru, Bolivia in the west and Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay in the south. The coastline is about 7,400 kilometers long. The width of the territorial sea is 12 nautical miles, and the overseas exclusive economic zone is 188 nautical miles.
Brazil is the largest country in South America with a territory of 8,154,900 square kilometers, accounting for 46% of the total area of South America. It ranks fifth in the world after Russia, Canada, China and the United States.
Brazilian map
Brazil has developed agriculture and animal husbandry and is a major producer of cane sugar, coffee, citrus, corn, chicken, beef, tobacco and soybeans. Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer and exporter and is known as the “coffee kingdom”. Brazil is also the world’s largest sugar producer and exporter, the second largest soybean producer and exporter, and the third largest corn producer. Corn exports rank among the top five in the world and the world’s largest exporter of beef and chicken. The main food crop, corn, is distributed along the southeast coast.
Brasilia, the capital of the Federative Republic of Brazil, is the fourth largest city in Brazil. Located in the middle of the state of Goias, the Maranon River and the Wilde River merge into a triangle. Located on the plateau, the climate is mild and pleasant. The annual average temperature is 17.7 °C. The average annual precipitation is 1600 mm, and the rainy season is concentrated from October to April. The scenery here is beautiful, the climate is pleasant, the trees are green all the year round, and the flowers are unbeaten.
The port of Santos is located in the Gulf of Santos on the southeast coast of Brazil. It is located on the east bank of the island of SAO VICENTE and on the west bank of the island of SANT O AMARO. It is on the southwest side of the Atlantic Ocean and is the largest city in Brazil, São Paulo. The outer port of SAO PAULO) is 63km apart. Santos is the largest seaport in Brazil. It is also the world’s largest coffee export port, and a transit port for Glassvia and Paraguay.
Hongdefa , the professional manufacturer of maize milling machine and wheat flour milling machine , more than 30 years experience in milling market.We are willing to study and explore the South American market. Brazil is our important first stop.
Brazil client
In 2012 we met him .After a series of discussions ,our Brazilian client bought our 60T/24H wheat flour mill. Total steel frame structure ,European standard ,Factory SGS certificate , BV certificate , ISO9001 certificate. It already running 6 years till now.
60T wheat flour mill in Brazil
In 2017, as the equipment worked well, the benefits were great and our client  decided to expand the scale of production. This time he bought our 200T/24H wheat flour mill.It adopt 5-floor building .Our technical manager 
Mr. Ma stayed in Brazil 6 months to operate the machine for client and trained client’s millers how to operate the machines and handle the daily problems.
200T wheat mill machine in Brazil
wheat flour milling plant with automatic roller mill
wheat flour milling plant for purifier

Hope we can build more friendly contacts with our friends in Brazil.Hope that we can understand the needs of Brazilian customers more and more, and the exploration of the South American market is getting deeper and deeper.Hope the maize flour milling and wheat flour milling technology will make the world of people have a better life! And same time, hope our Hongdefa machinery can do more and more maize milling plant and flour milling machines project for South American countries!

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