Effective Measures To Prevent Flour Pests In Flour Milling Factory

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Effective Measures To Prevent Flour Pests In Flour Milling Factory

How should wheat flour mill factory prevent flour pests from outside?

The first is the recognition of flour insects: the flour pests are mainly cereal beetles. Their development stages are divided into four stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult. The length of each stage is closely related to temperature, humidity and living environment. The optimum temperature for development is 27 ~30 C and the relative humidity is 70%. Under the general temperature of 29 C and relative humidity of 75%, the whole wheat flour was used as the living environment, and the life cycle of the beetle was about 40 days. Each female can lay more than 300 eggs in a lifetime. The rapid growth and reproduction of each female make it difficult to prevent and control insect pests in flour milling.

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How to control pests, mainly from the following five aspects control is more effective.

1. Shortening storage period

Make a more practical sales plan, centralize flour production, timely distribution. The shorter the storage period of flour, the less likely it is to breed worms. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to predict the uncertainty of the market, and to some extent, it is easy to affect the sales plan and the total sales volume.

2. Hygiene and insect control

In summer, no dead corners are left in the workshop, and no room for eggs to reproduce in flour is provided. To achieve the shutdown, the equipment and pipeline to empty the surplus material, although it will cause some clean flour, but mainly destroy the root causes of insect breeding, from a large extent, control pests. Workshops and warehouses should be well ventilated, because flour has a breathing effect, so it is necessary to make the air circulate, store the surrounding environment of flour, not have peculiar smell, leave the wall off the ground to reduce the probability of polluted flour and reduce the breeding of insects and mice. The advantages of this method are green and low cost.

3. Insecticide at Low Temperature

Low temperature insecticide. The ideal temperature for flour storage is 18 -- 24 C. Low temperature can reduce the metabolism of insects and control insect pests. Therefore, the environment for storing flour should be suitable for temperature and humidity. Flour will change its moisture content according to the temperature and humidity of the environment. The higher the humidity, the higher the moisture content of flour, the easier it will agglomerate and accelerate the reproduction of insects. Storage temperature will affect the maturation time of flour. The higher the temperature is, the faster the flour ripens, and the faster the insects breed. However, the disadvantage of low-temperature storage of flour is the higher the cost.

4. Drying insecticide

Everyone knows that dry flour with less than 13% moisture is not easy to breed insects, so adopting flour drying method, drying flour with high moisture to 14% or below designated moisture, will reduce the environment of flour insect breeding. Now domestic manufacturers have used this technology. The advantage of this technology is to reduce the risk of pests and improve the quality of flour, but it needs the support of the broad market of special flour, because the decrease of moisture means the loss of economic benefits.

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5. Drug fumigation and inert gas insecticide

Drug fumigation and inert gas insecticide. Centralized shutdown in summer, after doing a good job of cleaning and closing, professional fumigation units with national fumigation qualification are invited to fumigate the production equipment with professional chemical fumigants. The advantage of this method is to completely kill most of the eggs, but the disadvantage is that the fumigation cycle is too long, which affects the market sales. The above trouble can be avoided if inert gas fumigation is used, but the cost is high. Nowadays, many organizations are experimenting with the packing of inert gas nitrogen. The experiments show that nitrogen can suffocate pests and kill them. It can be filled in the closed production workshop after the cessation of production, or in the flour packaging bags to prevent the breeding of pests.

In a word, the elimination of pests in flour is a comprehensive control work, which mainly focuses on prevention and comprehensive control.

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