Top 3 reasons why you should invest maize milling factory in Tanzania.

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Top 3 reasons why you should invest maize milling factory in Tanzania.

we have 3 reasons why you should invest maize milling factory in Tanzania.
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1. Maize is the most important food crops in Tanzania, it comprises 45% of the cultivated area. Tanzania has ranked among the top 25 maize producing countries in the world in the last two decades. The production of maize accounts for more than 70 percent of the cereal produced in the country. A sector with high potential for economic growth and trade expansion, but limited by barriers such as prohibitive government policies, high costs, failure to meet quality requirements and a lack of financial capacity.  But In Tanzania, If people process the maize they produce, it will create more jobs in milling and thereby benefit a lot of people for Tanzania. And if you invest maize flour milling factory in Tanzania, it is easy to get raw maize locally, the transportation cost for raw maize is much lower as there is no need to import maize.
Tanzania maize


2. Ugali is the most common staple food in Tanzania due to its ease of cooking and affordability. Maize flour and water is cooked slowly until it reaches a dough-like consistency, after which it’s left for a moment to set before being eaten. The correct method of eating is by breaking off a chunk and mashing it into a small ball in the palm of your hand; this is then dipped into your main dish and popped into your mouth. It can be served with almost any main dish but is popularly eaten with nyama chroma or mchuzi, a kind of soup or stew. It can be an odd food to get used to but once you do it can be strangely addictive. There is a huge consumer group of maize flour in Tanzania as it is the staple food here.  
Main food in Tanzania
3. Hongdefa factory in China have supplied many maize flour milling machines in Africa since 1982, such as Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Congo, Zambia, Sudan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Angola etc and for Tanzania,hongdefa team has more experience, advantages, and successful projects. In Tanzania, if you want to do maize flour mill business, you must find a good maize milling machine supplier with good quality machines and good after-sale services. The main point in a maize mill processing line in Tanzania is the maize degerminator. The super white maize flour extraction is adjustable which can be 73% -92% depending on different demands from the market and different customers, This will request to take the germ and the corn bran skin out of the cornmeal by the Degerminator in the maize mill in Tanzania market. We have designed the special degerminator, combined Japan and America technology, which can remove the germ and bran from the maize grains.
Japan technology degerminator for maize mill project
It is the heart of the maize milling business, if this machine not good technology, no matter how good your other machines, your machine still could not get high-quality maize flour for Tanzania people. That is the key point in a maize milling machine.  
For the milling section use, China advanced brand manual or automatic roller mill, and China advanced plansifter. For this whole plant just one characteristic “advanced” and “customized”.
Advanced pneumatic roller mill in the maize mill line 
Right now we have installed 30T/24H maize mill machine in Arusha, 50T/24H maize mill machine in Mbeya, 10T/24H maize mill in Dar es Salaam and so on. It is a complete line from cleaning,degerminating, milling to packing, control system.  It uses Japan technology degerminator can ensure you can get “super white”  maize flour for “sembe” and “dona” , which is best suitable for Tanzania market.
30T/24h maize mill opening ceremony
   The middle is Hongdefa engineer Mr. Guo
Government people attend the opening ceremony for this maize mill factory 
30T/24H maize mill in Mbeya Tanzania

 If you want to invest maize flour milling factory in Tanzania, its a very wise choice and hongdefa factory will be your reliable partner for this business. Please contact us +86 138 3305 7265 on WhatsApp or click more details on website

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